Healthy and Nutritious Bread and Breakfast

bread and breakfast

Bread and Breakfast compliments each other.. As Bread is an important and essential part of the everyday morning meal. It is accompanied by many other items as Eggs, Baked Beans, Fruit Juices, and cereals, Sausages, Milk, and Coffee. These altogether makes a complete “ENGLISH BREAKFAST”.

The bread itself becomes whole meal if we change its form a little may be as an Interesting Cheese or Chicken Sandwich, or a filling Hot Dog or may be a Yummy Burger. As it comes in various forms and flavors, we can never be fed up with eating them. It is famous and favorite throughout the world and all the time approachable. It plays a significant role in today’s society with the idea of staying “Single” and even a Great Idea to fill up the tummy when your wife is in Fighting or Silent mode. It is an Instant and healthy Hunger solution.

Bread is made of Flour, Yeast, Salt, and Sugar and added flavors (optional. So it can be called Healthy Food Supplement.People start┬átheir day with Healthy Breakfast and keep them charged for whole day’s hectic schedule. School going children use to take healthy meal like a bowl of cereals, sprouts, nuts, etc. to follow an active schedule as cumbersome and fried breakfast can make them lenient and inactive.

In few Asian countries, people prefer the heavy meal to start their day.Unlike those Asian countries, British follows the rule of keeping their body and mind relaxed with very low calories meal. As low-calorie food keeps our Digestion system robust and active because the English breakfast menu got High and Rich Fibre content.

As we said, earlier Egg is also an important part of the first meal in the UK. We must be aware of the fact that Egg is an essential source of Protein, Vitamin, carbohydrates. It can be eaten in any form whether cooked or uncooked. It helps the body to grow with ease.

In England People also prefer baked beans in their platter and Beans are an excellent source of Protein. More the protein content in our meals more we can work out for the whole day. Beans are also the rich source of Fibre, which does our intestine function properly.

Different Fruits and Juices contain a different type of vitamins and other nutritious values, which helps British to keep themselves physically fit. And physical fitness means Mental as well as psychological fitness.

Since the lifestyle is no more like the old days, technology has made our life easy, but also fast, hence nutritious values are also deducting from Breakfast. Now people have to work hard actually for their existence. A school going child is having only a slice of toast and half bowl of cereals as he has to rush to his class. Likewise, a working lady can hardly cook something for herself as she is busy preparing food for her family, an adult is rushing office to earn more to fulfill his family’s demand.

Although family comes first, we should never compromise our Bread and Breakfast.

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